Friday, March 16, 2012

Installation of Android SDK on eclipse

When the matter comes to work on android environment then everyone just think off Eclipse IDE, offcourse it provide lots of feature for android people as well as java developer i think which is no where else. if using eclipse we dont have to download any thing from internet except Eclipse classic.

While working on Eclipse IDE it is pre assumed that JDK is installed on your system and properly configured.

Now once we downloaded eclipse from here. Now after download complets extract it, and run Eclipse exetutable file. it will ask for workspace location go with default or you can configure it.Now we are ready with eclipse.

Android SDK Manager:
Go to menu tab,Click on help & go for Install New Software as shown in figgure.

 now click on Add button a popup will come put some name and location as and press OK button.

 then it will search online and get a list of developer tools like this

 just select all and click on next then it will calculate the depency & and and show a list of packages it is going to install click on next and accept the terms of license agreements and press finish.

now it will take some time to download & install packages from the location. after finishing the installation it will ask to restart Eclipse IDE. Do the same. on restart it will install ask where is android sdk? if you have downloaded it then just show the path or let it download from the internet. wait for finish it.

Again if it ask to restart Eclipse IDE then restart it.

SDK platform:

Now open Android SDK Manager from window tab in menu bar and install all Android SDK tools & Android SDK platform-tools and which ever SDK platform you want you can choose & install.

AVD Installation:

After installation of SDK platform just go to AVD Manager click on new and create an AVD of your requirement. on successful creation of AVD its all done.

Create a dummy android project & run it as android application it will take some time to start AVD for the first time & then it will take normal time.