Saturday, March 31, 2012

Delete option is missing on right click

When we use Right-click on any file or folder in windows OS then Delete/Cut option is suppose to be there. it can be Disabled by doing some registry settings or from group policy Editor.But in some cases when we are using external Storage devices if not unplugged properly, Causes some times Side-effect to the filesystem settings then it's Delete/Cut option got disabled. so when ever we Right-click on some file or folder we wont get Delete or Cut option, Not even Delete button will work on that partition to delete the file.


It happens with me. i am using 1TB External HDD, Using Windows7 i created 4 partition Each of 250GB,Filesystem: exFAT, Sometimes when i was in hurry i have ejected that hard-drive without proper Ejection. That has created some effect on filesystem & was not able to delete any file or folder from that hard-disk but was able to Copy/Paste files from there, cut Option! also was missing.
i was having lots of data on that hard-disk which i dont want to loose by  formatting the hard-disk.
Solution: Which ever partition is having this problem Right-click on Partition and Select Property. Select Tools Tab And in Error-Checking Section Click on Check now button. Now one popup will come Check Automatically fix file system errors.

After Completion of this Process the Delete & cut Option will be there on right click.