Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Set Up an Amazon EC2 Instance

To start with Amazon Cloud we are going use the AWS Management Console. Login to the Management Console (If registered Else create an account with your credit card details and then login). On the home screen, make sure the tab EC2 is selected. then follow these steps as in images...

Now We need to select an ami so here i am going with ubuntu AMI. Here we can choose ami from amazon also in Quick start tab. But we are going with ubuntu so we will get it in community AMIs and search for your Amazon ami using AMI-ID. we can choose with or without EBS.

 Now select Instance Type, here i am going with micro instance

Now if we need to go for specific settings then we can customize but here we are going with default settings as first time.

Now Keep a name for your server as

Now We need to create a key pair & download .pem file which can be use to connect to server usingh ssh.

Now select security group which will allow us to connect/Access cloud AMI based on rules.

Now the summary of instance we have configure & chosen for Click launch to start the AMI.

Now After this step in few minute our AMI will start. Now we need to enable SSH in security group. then only we can connect to our AWS AMI as

ssh -i keypairfilename.pem ubuntu@public_address of AMI

if it ask for password provide as ubuntu further we can change it.